Boybands with violins – Corda d’Oro: Blue Sky


It’s nothing more than your average reverse harem anime, like the first season. Except with music, classical music. And that’s the most forgiving aspect of this season. There is a huge timeskip of eight years from the first season, so none of the original characters are in the story, except in three short cameos.

Everyone is exceptionally good-looking and talented. It follows the usual Snow White and the 7 dwarfs boyband formula. The boys are as follows: cute, serious, dangerous, surly, obnoxious, smiley, delinquent and glasses. Sorry, Serious is the one with glasses. All are beautiful and have hair colors sparkling like rainbows, one color each, though. And I really cannot keep all of them apart. There are also megalomaniac, granny glasses with extreme mullet, their butler, the dark lord wannabe, slightly psycho, the death metal cellist and suicidal ditto. Everyone is thoroughly smitten with the protagonist (who actually seems a bit retarded, sorry, I mean just your average shojo lead) except death metal cellist, who’s obsessed with dark lord wannabe. But it’s not for the girls we watch r-harem anime. And certainly not to imagine ourselves in the protagonist’s place. Far from it. It’s for the overabundance of slashing opportunities, and it’s the sole raison d’ètre for the genre. At least the reason I (and my fujoshi brethren) like these kinds of things.

There are a lot of clichés and stuff, but also pretty boys who might be making out just out of camera. In my head. And now in yours too.

Since it is centered on classical music, it is extremely irritating is that I can’t find the music listed, and believe me, I’ve looked. I might have missed some, but I acutally made a Spotify playlist of the pieces I recognized or were mentioned: Corda d’Oro Blue Sky

It was cute and all, but to be honest I liked the first season better. Except for the backstory of slightly retarded shojo character since the story in the first season was a little bit too much (and to say that the storyline in an anime is too unrealistic is really something in this world of completely crazy settings).

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