Country Life – Barakamon


One of the new animes this season. I wasn’t sure about this one but started watching since Daisuke Ono, who also does Sebastian in Kuroshitsuji and Midorima in Kuroko no Baskue, voices the lead character.

It’s a cute and lovely little gem where a young calligraphy master, while participating in a calligraphy contest, gets snubbed by a prestigious curator. (His calligraphy is described as bland and mediocre). He promptly punches the curator in the face. Everyone is shocked (and rightfully so, since the man is quite old and walks with a cane). So he leaves and regroups in a little village on an island, far out in the country. And then it’s the all about the small village life, finding yourself, getting friends and all that jazz. But it it’s the kind of story that makes me feel happy and calm.

It reminds me a little of Doc Hollywood, where Michael J. Fox is a plastic surgeon wannabee who gets stranded in a small village and comes to enjoy the village life where everyone is quirky and nice. Except with calligraphy instead of medicine and not so stereotypically Hollywoodish in the characters.


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