About the author:

Kit the Kat is has a long-standing love for anime and manga. It started with ordinary comics, but she likes to think it has evolved and fusioned with a love for all things Japanese.

She has watched too many anime shows and movies to mention, finds new ones all the time and looks forward to the premieres in every new anime season, reads reviews and makes list of things that might be fun to watch.

The manga reading often follows after anime series that are too short or ends. Well, some manga she started reading without ever watching the anime first, or read even if there are no anime made.

What you will find here

My take on lots of anime and some manga. Things I have watched, read, loved, hated and look forward to.

Lists. I’m a list person. Period.

Long anime series. I love long, the longer, the better. A lot of BL, shounen-ai and yaoi. I’m fujoshi to the core. Some bishounen and some reverse harem anime, since that is kind of a guilty pleasure. I do

Good stories, captivating worlds. Swords, you can’t beat a good swordfight, and magic, preferably in combo. Strong female characters are always a plus, as well as good-looking males.

Revisiting things I’ve seen before. One of the things that really make a story worthwhile is the re-watch factor. If I want to watch it all again, right away after finishing it, it’s a good story. The best ones can always be revisited over and over.

And not just new anime. I will probably write about lots of anime that has been around for ages and already has huge followings.

There will probably be quite a lot of fandom references, mentions of shipping and fanfic since it was the world where I found anime (via some lengthy, lovely, educational and unforgettable detours into other fandoms).

And there might be a little raving about seiyuu (voice actors). I’m the kind of person who always looks up the voice actors of every anime. Sometimes I even watch unknown anime just because some really good voice actors are in it.

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