Illumi Zoldyck – Hunter x Hunter


Illumi is not one of the main antagonists in Hunter x Hunter. He’s more of a sideline disturbance, and whatever he is he’s certainly not one of the good guys.


When he first comes into the story he looks like someone else, but to change his appearance is just one of his talents. He’s a professional assassin, from a family of professional assassins. And I’m humming “he’s just a poor boy, from a poor family” from Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” right now. He kills people, lots of people, and is extremely good at it. He can change his appearance and control other people by placing pins in their brains. More than that, he seems to divide other people into two groups, those that might be killed and immediate family.

543794-killua_being_manipulated_by_illumiShowing his brotherly “love”.

And then there is his little brother Killua. Don’t dare to threaten Killua or Illumi will go bonkers. Well, he’s not hesitating to hypnotize his little brother into murdering someone or controlling him like a puppet. Twisted. Loving, in a way, but twisted, like in committable twisted. But he’s somewhat funny and shows a dry sense of humor.Except he might not know that. And cute, well as cute as the slightly crude drawing style in Hunter x Hunter can be. When I first saw him I thought it was a waste to draw him like that and wished that he were done more realistic. Well, I’m not particularly sane either, when it comes to drawn characters. “You do know that they are drawings, right?” one of my sisters said to me once. Of course I said (and crossed my fingers behind my back) since characters I like and really good story settings feel real to me. No, I don’t believe that they are real, I’m not that much of a nutcase, but if you love books, movies and stories and good characters you know what I mean. I won’t say that I would like to meet Illumi in real life, though. And I can’t believe that there are so few good Illumi/Hisoka fanfics (I’ve had a hard time finding even one). In my world there should be a lot more. There is lot of fanart, though, so maybe I just have to look harder.

 Hisoka and Illumi: A striking pair (pun certainly intended). 


Rewriting reality: Hakuouki

There is a lot of rewriting history going on in anime and manga, generally you would call it alternate universes or alternate realities. The what-if approaches where you take real historical figures or events and make something completely different happen. But that’s not enough. What about rewriting geography too? Like in Meine Liebe, where a huge Germanic-Prussia-like island is placed somewhere in the vicinity of England, in the turn of the 19th century, or a time slightly resembling that. No problem. Making historical figures, like war generals, female instead of male? Placed in a high school setting? Or making them vampires? Or robots in space? That limitless fantastical approach to history, religion and fairly tales is so great.

hau4 Pretty boys, katanas and cherry blossoms…

Hakuouki is following that tradition. Taking real historical figures and follows the actual history in some ways, but adding characters and events that have nothing to do with reality. And doing it well. The historical figures are the Shinsengumi. Sword-fighting heroes going against overwhelming odds and prejudice in the last days of the samurai. The Shinsengumi are portrayed in numerous movies and a lot of anime and manga. I have only watched the different parts of Hakuouki, Peacemaker Kurogane and Gintama (where the names are slightly changed). I got Runroni Kenshin a while ago, but haven’t watched it yet.

Hakuouki Hekketsuroku - 13 - Large Snapshot 02Wearing the Shinsengumi coats. 

Hijikata-Toshizo- Hijikata, not hard on the eyes.

Hakuouki is based on a video game, a so-called otome game, directed at a female audience, where the goal is romance. It’s a romance, all right, but with swords, battles and whatnot. It’s really stunningly drawn, though, both the characters and their surroundings. The protagonist girl is really likeable and there are some other good female characters too. I would have liked it more if Chizuru, the protagonist had been a real member of the force, but hey, I can’t always get what I want. (If so I would have liked it to be full out BL. well, it probably is, but not just shown…) Obviously the Shinsengumi men are all charming and stunningly pretty. Even the antagonists are stunning in some cases and fun to watch in others. Fanservice fact: Almost all of the leading characters have really long hair, flowing in the wind… while the rest have the traditional samurai chonmage, shaved on top and the rest long and twisted into a topknot. 

And there are vampires and demons too. Here, the vampires here are kind of a failed making man-made demon experiment. And it’s a really cool backstory, both the real one and the fantasy parts. It’s not a peaceful part of Japan’s history (the battles mentioned are mostly real, except for the demons participating) and it’s not one of those stories where people aren’t really dead until they die, no matter what, and probably not even then. People are actually dropping off like flies, even main characters, especially in the second season. It doesn’t really follow actual events and deaths but if you know the real history you will get some hints. Let me just say this, your tear ducts will work overtime when you watch this one. At least if you are like me, easily moved.


These are the series so far (I’ve added the Japanese names, since I’ve found it really hard to keep them apart):

Hakuouki (Shinsengumi Kitan) 12 eps

Hakuouki: Record of the Jade Blood (Hekketsaroku) 10 eps. Season 2. This tearfest follows the first season.

Hakuouki: A memory of snow flowers (Sekkaroku) 6 eps OVA taking place between ep 6 and 9 in the first season). It’s good to see this one after Sekkaroku.

Hakuouki: Demon of the fleeting blossom – Dawn of the Shinsengumi. (Reimeiroku) 12 eps. Prequel. I like this one, it’s before the first one and the Shinsengumi is still called the Roshigumi. The protagonist is a young boy in this one (not a historical person). But the others are in it. I watched this after all the others and it felt like a good choice.

There are also two movies, which I haven’t seen yet:

Hakuōki Dai-isshō Kyoto Ranbu (2013)

Hakuōki Dai-nishō Shikon Sōkyū (2014)

Anachronism as an art form – Saiyuki

The story behind Saiyuki is a 16th century Chinese novel where a monk gets a mission from God, well Buddha, to go to India to find some sacred text. It’s been filmed and adapted in numerous versions, but this manga and anime is very loosely based on the original. The story is supposedly taking place in ancient times and starts with humans and demons living happily side by side, until something makes the demons lose their minds and attack the humans. Genjo Sanzo, a highly ranked Buddhist priest, receives a mission from the three aspects of Buddha to go to India and find out why. He is to take three companions with him on the journey.
The companions are three demons who aren’t affected by the general craze. Son Goku is a young boy, at least in appearance; in reality he’s an extremely powerful entity who has been captive in a mountain for more than 500 years for causing a disturbance in the heavens). But Sanzo set him free and has more or less adopted him. He’s always hungry, maybe since he didn’t eat for 500 years, but that’s a standing joke. The other two are Cho Hakkai, a mild-mannered scholar who was a human, but he slaughtered 1.000 demons when his lover was kidnapped and committed suicide, and turned into a demon himself. And then there is Sha Goyjo, half-demon, womanizer semi-professional gambler and all around bad boy. Wasn’t this ancient China? No, not really.


The anachronisms start fairly right away. For example: the case of Cho Hakkai’s pet dragon who can turn into a jeep. Yes, a car.


The bic and zippo lighters that Sanzo and Sha Goyjo use to light their cigarettes. Cigarette packs and cans of beer aside, there is Sanzo’s reading glasses and newspapers, not to mention the gun he wields and frequently fire bullets to make people shut up, when he’s irritated, at walls or at his companions. Not to mention the credit card he uses, presumably let to him by the three aspects of Buddha. This is one reason I love Saiyuki, it is so silly it’s wonderful. And Sanzo doesn’t just fight with a gun (filled with spiritual bullets), but when he’s really serious he’s using a holy text roll that otherwise hangs around his neck. Other than that it’s the usual fights, friendships, enemies becoming sort of friends and enemies that are too bad to even consider. Not to mention the backstory 500 years ago, taking place in heaven. I won’t spoil that, since it’s really one of the best parts of the whole thing.
It’s completely enjoyable, from beginning to end. There are four different parts: Saiyuki, Reload, Gunlock and Reload: Burial, with backstories of the four main characters. There is also a couple of OVA:s called Saiyuki Gaiden and two movies. Don’t miss the omakes called Urusai (shut up), they are completely silly and even more anachronistic than the real thing (answers to questions like “why didn’t the Sanzo gang go by airplane to India?” and other things like it).
Mangaka is Kazuya Minekura (I’ve seen her Bus Gamer or the fairly recent OVA Wild Adapter, a very bloody yakuza-yaoi mix.) Minekura’s drawing style is very distinctive and not everyone likes it. I’m not one of those. I can truly recommend the Saiuki art books too, with drawings of the characters in lots of different settings.

Magical Athletics

I am completely uninterested in sports. There are no words to describe how uninterested I am. That’s why it came as a complete surprise to me when my anime collection/watching started to include one sports-themed manga/anime after another.

I won’t count Hikaru no Go, or maybe I should, since that was the first one with a competition theme that I watched. But Go is an intellectual effort, not athletic, so I don’t count that as a sports-themed anime.

But then I got interested in Prince of Tennis, or PoT as the fandom names it (or Tenipuri if you’re a hardcore otaku). Normally it wouldn’t have interested me, I mean sports, yuck. But there were quite a lot of people I respected in my usual fandom raving over it (and since I was late in viewing it was really long, always a plus in my book). And the people raving over it were completely right. The characters were really likeable, if not loveable, and the story caught me and I couldn’t stop watching and I read the complete manga too. Of course it’s completely ridiculous in some ways, but that makes it even more likeable.

I wouldn’t want to watch something realistic (or actual sports) that would take seconds. I love the philosophy discussions, flashbacks, or explanations lasting five minutes while people are hanging in the air/rushing towards the ball/racing the last meters before the goal/drawing their swords.

And the magic sparkles and coloured auras always present when the characters do something remarkable. And that they name their own techniques and shout out their names whenever they use them.

I don’t particularly crave it, but it’s nice if some of the guys are good-looking. Or cute. I don’t mind cute. Some the best animes have cute protagonists. And they have to be fun to watch. I don’t watch anime with ugly characters, who are too chibi-like or badly drawn. Maybe that’s why I stay away from shojo in general (or maybe I’m too much of a hardcore fujoshi and at least want the possibility to find some BL fandom goodness in the things I watch. And there are plenty of opportunities for that in sports-themed anime. Lots of guys, sweating, locker rooms, fierce competition, adrenaline (& testosterone) flying. Phew, except from pure yaoi, could it be any hotter? Well, in some of the ones I’m listing there are mostly cute and adorable and budding friendship and so on. And it’s really all about the drawing.

I’m digressing. The sports themed anime I’ve watched and liked so far and liked:

pot gpTezukaZone

Prince of Tennis: Completely adorable characters. Extremely magical tennis with strange names and extraordinary talents. I think most of the things are real, except in real life they don’t jump 5 meters up in the air or glow in different colours. I like that you get to see the main characters outside the court though. If there is one thing I don’t like it’s the girls. I don’t know why they changed one of the few girls in the anime to be extremely bad at tennis, she isn’t in the manga.


Kuroko no Basque: This is maybe my favourite sports-themed anime so far. Basketball-themed to be more precise. And it has everything. Good-looking, loveable characters, magic movements, thrilling games, as well as psychological plotting and character depth. I’ve read all the manga too.


Free: The first episodes felt more like fanservice than a real story, just showing off muscular bodies in speedos. Well, fortunately more of the long-legged kind than the minimal versions (the mini-speedos are one of the most unsexy things I can imagine whatever the one wearing them looks like). It really got me when one of the water-obsessed main characters took off his clothes in a department store and tried to immerse himself in a fish tank…) That’s the kind of silliness I appreciate. And the story got a little bit better too.


Yowamushi Pedal: Another completely unexpected favourite. I mean biking, what could be more boring? But it is totally compelling and I’m completely in love with the cast. I’ve learned a lot about bike racing as a sport, but I can’t imagine myself ever looking at races. This is not a bishounen anime, not however you stretch it, but it doesn’t matter. I follow the manga too, and it gets better and better. It’s got no magical tricks or things in it, just bikes. They do not sparkle or shine or change colour, but they do discuss things, talk, comment, and encourage each other in the middle of a race.


Haikyuu!! I think I started to watch this as a Kuroko substitute. It’s not really up to par with that one, but I enjoy it nevertheless. It’s not basket, but volleyball. Completely incomprehensible sport, but somewhat cute.

Boybands with violins – Corda d’Oro: Blue Sky


It’s nothing more than your average reverse harem anime, like the first season. Except with music, classical music. And that’s the most forgiving aspect of this season. There is a huge timeskip of eight years from the first season, so none of the original characters are in the story, except in three short cameos.

Everyone is exceptionally good-looking and talented. It follows the usual Snow White and the 7 dwarfs boyband formula. The boys are as follows: cute, serious, dangerous, surly, obnoxious, smiley, delinquent and glasses. Sorry, Serious is the one with glasses. All are beautiful and have hair colors sparkling like rainbows, one color each, though. And I really cannot keep all of them apart. There are also megalomaniac, granny glasses with extreme mullet, their butler, the dark lord wannabe, slightly psycho, the death metal cellist and suicidal ditto. Everyone is thoroughly smitten with the protagonist (who actually seems a bit retarded, sorry, I mean just your average shojo lead) except death metal cellist, who’s obsessed with dark lord wannabe. But it’s not for the girls we watch r-harem anime. And certainly not to imagine ourselves in the protagonist’s place. Far from it. It’s for the overabundance of slashing opportunities, and it’s the sole raison d’ètre for the genre. At least the reason I (and my fujoshi brethren) like these kinds of things.

There are a lot of clichés and stuff, but also pretty boys who might be making out just out of camera. In my head. And now in yours too.

Since it is centered on classical music, it is extremely irritating is that I can’t find the music listed, and believe me, I’ve looked. I might have missed some, but I acutally made a Spotify playlist of the pieces I recognized or were mentioned: Corda d’Oro Blue Sky

It was cute and all, but to be honest I liked the first season better. Except for the backstory of slightly retarded shojo character since the story in the first season was a little bit too much (and to say that the storyline in an anime is too unrealistic is really something in this world of completely crazy settings).